Questions about booking sessions

Do you work over telehealth?

I am currently only taking new telehealth clients

Do you prescribe medication?

No, I am not a medical doctor. Many of my patients find medication is helpful, but many of them also progress well in therapy without medication. If you want to be evaluated for psychiatric medication, either contact your primary care physician or a psychiatrist. If you are already taking medication, I can coordinate care with your doctor.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment by visiting the “Book a Session” tab, sending an email to, calling us at 845-533-3065, or sending a Whatsapp message to +17184903410

How long is a session?

Each session is 50 minutes long.  If you are interested in a longer session (75 minutes) please contact me regarding availability and pricing.

Questions about my work and website

What theoretical approach do you use?

Each person is unique and complex. I believe that treatment has to be tailored to each person’s needs. It is, therefore, important to have a thorough understanding of human development, relationships, and mental health conditions to properly assess and treat each person in the best way.

Who do you work with?

I specialize in emerging adulthood, working with young adults 18-30. I spent years researching the developmental processes by which adolescents mature into adults.  In my therapy practice I help people manage their stress in ways that allow them to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin, to understand themselves and their relationships better, and to regulate their emotions, reduce their symptoms, and develop systems of support. My expertise in the field of emerging adulthood gives me insights that can help young adults and the people who love them to navigate this unsettled phase of life.

Do I need to schedule a session to get support from you?

There is no need to schedule a session to get support. I designed my website to be a space where people can find encouragement and support even if they aren’t currently participating in regular therapy sessions. While scheduling a session is always an option and can be done here, you can also send me a question through my Ask Me Anything page here on my website or head over the join the conversation tab to read through some of my posts, connect with others and participate in our supportive community.

Questions about bookings & speaking engagements

What is your area of expertise?

I specialize in the period of emerging adulthood, which has no specific cutoff, but is generally defined as between the ages of 18 to 30. This time period is when many of the changes and transitions occur that will affect the course of our entire lives: Physical changes as our bodies mature. Mental changes as our brains develop. Emotional changes as we take on adult responsibilities. I earned my PhD in clinical social work from Smith College, where my doctoral dissertation focused on emerging adulthood in young American Orthodox Jewish women. I treat individuals and couples in my private practice and I serve as clinical director at both Advenium, a group therapy mental health outpatient program, and The Derech Shalom Center.

How do I inquire about booking Dr. Shira for a speaking engagement or workshop?

To book Dr. Shira for a speaking engagement or workshop please contact her directly through whats app, phone or email. This information can be found on the contact me page here