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This is a welcoming space where you can find resources to help with challenges you are facing, join a community of seekers at different points in their own journeys, and express yourself about whatever is on your mind. I encourage you to share expressions of your creativity and inner strength in whatever form that may take, whether it’s leaving a comment, posting a verse or sharing songs, art or other inspirations.

You can be your true self here, free of the external image that you may feel pressure to present to the world. I ask that you be kind and respectful of one another and appreciate the unique gifts that we are all blessed to bring into this world.

With love,

Dr. Shira



The aim of art is to represent both the outward appearance of things and its inner significance. It also speaks where words are unable to speak.


Poetry is measured language that is most raw and powerful. It comes from the highest of happiness or the deepest of sorrows. It speaks to what exists, what can be said, what is unsayable and creates what is unknown.


The wisdom that comes when we listen to what one another has to say.

Share Your Story

Share your story to put words to your experiences, find similarities to other people, and empower. Every story shared is a chance to make someone and yourself feel less alone.

Shira’s Corner

Writings, words and sayings we hold onto.


Videos, vlogs and clips from Dr. Shira and others to help us connect with the voices and faces of those facing similar challenges.

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